Telescopic Fiber Optic Distribution Frame 19" 3U Q-Fiber

Teleskopowa Przelacznica Swiatlowodowa3UTelescopic Fiber Optic Distribution Frame 19" 3U Q-Fiber consists of the box and distribution board. A box with a distribution board installed on telescopes (extension 110%) guarantees the highest comfort of work both at the installation process and during subsequent maintenance works. The front panel is available in the version integrated with the drawer or as a replaceable element. Replaceable plugs make it possible to install various cable conduits. Movable side holders make it possible to withdraw the ODF by 30 mm from the mounting plane.


▪ Made of 1.2 mm steel sheet,

▪ Extension 110% on telescopic rails,

▪ Embossing to attach cables inside the box,

▪ Boltless mounting of adapters,

▪ Standard color RAL7035 (light grey) glossy, RAL 9005 (black) glossy, other colors on request,

▪ Dimensions [H x W x D]: 132x483x231 [mm],

▪ Temporary side handles allow the withdrawal of ODF 19" by 30 mm,

▪ In the rear part 4x open and 4x closed openings for conduits M20x1.5 (ø of the cable 6÷13 mm).


Telecommunication, CATV, Monitoring, Industry, LAN, MAN, WAN.


Teleskopowa Przełącznica Światłowodowa 19Teleskopowa Przełącznica Światłowodowa 19Teleskopowa Przełącznica Światłowodowa 19

Front Panels:
Teleskopowa Przełącznica Światłowodowa 19

How to order:

ODF-19-3U-T* Telescopic fiber optic distribution frame 19" 3U
ODF-19-3U-T-Z*   Telescopic fiber optic distribution frame 19" 3U with a lock
PK191U70-T Cable overlength guide 70mm
FP193U96ST-T Front Panel 19" 3U 96xST/FC/DIN d-hole 
FP193U72CS-T Front Panel 19" 3U 72xSC/E2000 simplex**
FP193U96CS-T Front Panel 19" 3U 96xSC/E2000 simplex**
FP193U144CS-T Front Panel 19" 3U 144xSC/E2000 simplex**
FP193U72CD-T Front Panel 19" 3U 72xSC/ST/FC duplex/ LC quad

* it is possible to order a ODF with an integrated front panel as well as with extended (bolted) adapters
** Suitable for LC/LX.5/MTRJ duplex SC footprint adapters

Standard equipment:

▪ Cable gland M20x1.5 (cable ø6 ÷ ø13 mm),

▪ Mounting screw M6 (4 pcs),

▪ Knurled nut M5 (1 pc),

▪ Snaps (2 pcs),

Addiotnal equipment:

▪ Cable gland M20x1.5 (cable ø6 ÷ ø13 mm),

▪ Nylon cable tie 80x2.5 mm,

▪ Pigtails,

▪ Splice trays,

▪ Adapters.


▪ The ODF houses seven cassettes DIN24 or ten cassettes DIN24 WHITE,

▪ Product adapted to the FiberQuick system,

▪ 3U ODF 19" packed in a card board box.

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